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Sable Jak

Sebastian T Sweet Productions
Opportunity never stops knocking, people stop listening.... srjak
Dec 2 '11

Can’t deny your roots

I’m stage trained. In other words, once I’m done writing a piece I’m used to handing it over to someone else to: add music, create the set, design the costumes, ad infinitum. So when, for an audio drama, a sound person wants me to pick all the sounds and music because it’s my vision… or I’m requested to direct every nuance of every aspect of the work I’m flummoxed. At what point in a collaboration do other people start exercising their creativity?

Frankly I’m surprised Shakespeare gets done anymore. I mean, after all, he’s dead, he’s not around to make everyone else’s decisions. Then again, maybe that’s why he is produced so often, with a dead author you don’t have to consider his “vision” just in case he doesn’t like yours.

Personally I like seeing other people add their own creativity to my work, that’s why I like to collaborate.

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